Charge Entry

Charge entry solution is a flawless data-entry service by updating the relevant CPT, ICD-9, modifiers, payer and respective state guidelines. The team is specialized in various specialties and with different Billing software. Our Quality Assurance team ensures the errors are eliminated prior to the charges are submitted to the respective health insurance carriers.

The team is trained from time to time on the updated state laws and carrier guidelines and the same is updated to our Clients.

Highlights of Charge Entry:

  • Experience in multi-specialty and different State guidelines
  • Turnaround time of 24 to 48 hours or agreed turnaround times
  • 99% error free on first claim submission
  • Special care for the Workmen’s Compensation and No-fault claims. A separate team possesses the knowledge of various State laws on this Payer.

CNTI is also specialized in the Part A billing for HHA which involves:

  • Conversion of the POC document to OASIS and to HIPPS codes
  • Update the appropriate Request for Anticipated Payment (RAP) codes in a timely manner
  • Ensure the accurate Type of Bill, Revenue codes, authorization, patient status and episode of care are updated and submitted to the carrier