Why CNT InfoTech?

Experience working with large organizations

CNTI’s staff has been working with medium to large organizations for more than 10 years. Our team is exposed to the complex requirements of organizations and has worked with various clients on mission critical projects. We understand the unique business needs, policies, procedures and technical standards and have implemented quality solutions.

Close work relationship

Our staff are dedicated and committed individuals that take pride in establishing a teamworking environment with our clients. We work as a team with our clients and we understand the business needs and unique requirements are best known by the staff that works daily on the operations. We act as facilitators and together with our clients we define solutions that are compatible with the client’s goals.

Experience working with system modernizations

CNTI’s staff has assisted customers migrate system from mainframe architectures to state of the art web based and client server architectures.

Our project staff is assigned based on the specific needs of the project

Our staff assignment proposal is based on therequirements of the project. Our project staff includes members that understand the functionality requirements andhave worked on similar systems. We assign staff that is uniquely qualified to deliver the services required by our customers. Our complement of staff has experience in implementing both business and technology solutions that allow organizations meet itsoverall short-term and long-term objectives.

Our staff assignment is local

One of our main objectives when delivering solutions to our clients is to provide the necessary support to make a successful and smooth transition from its existing processesto the new processes. In order to accomplish this, we assign local staff and support to our projects. As a customer you will have access to qualified staff as and when needed.

Single Point of Contact

CNT Infotech’s Project Manager will be the Point of Contact (POC) for this project for communicating issues, concerns or problems. The project manager will also be responsible for communicating with the DHSS’s Point of Contact for discussing the various management issues of this project. This approach will allow us to ensure that all issues are channeled though one person who will ensure that they are documented and resolved appropriately. CNT’s Project Manager will be also responsible for assigning resources to work on the various activities as deemed appropriate.

Work plan Management

Allows CNT Infotech staff and manager to better manage the work plan of the project. The work plan is a guide for the project staff members to follow and identifies the tasks, subtasks and the timeframes associated with each task. In addition, it identifies the staff assigned to each task and the relationship between each of the tasks including the dependencies between tasks. This allows the project manager to better track the progress of the project including providing a way to better manage issues, resolution management, and coordination. Additionally duplication of efforts can be avoided and risks mitigated through proper coordination of the work plan. This work plan is constantly updated to reflect progress.

Communication Management

Provides CNT staff with tools to collect, distribute, and provide information relative to the project in a timely and efficient manner. Information can be collected through group discussions, management staff meetings, functional requirements gathering sessions, and DHSS strategic plan.

Quality Review Management

CNT’s quality review management processes focuses on review of deliverables, and to ensure the tasks and subtasks are performed as per the details as stated in the scope section of the proposal as well as agreed upon in the kick-off meeting of the project and the work plan. The deliverables and tasks each have quality driven results depicting the performance metrics.

Risk Mitigation Management

CNT will from the start of the project begin documenting risks associated with the project both from a DHSS’s perspective as well as from a project perspective. We will identify and discuss these risks with the DHSS staff, identify each risk area, identify risk-mitigating factors, and control procedures will be identified, agreed upon and put in place to ensure project success up until project close out.

Scope Control Management

CNT Infotech will manage the scope control through well-defined project management budgets and work plan tracking. This will ensure that all of the work identified in the scope section of the proposal is detailed and thorough as well as the budget for each phase of the project is in correspondence with the actual. Scope control management ensures that the complete list of tasks are defined accurately and controlled and scope creep does not happen unexpectedly but rather identified early enough to avoid failure.

Knowledge Transfer Management

CNT Infotech will work in conjunction with the DHSS staff at all points of the project to ensure knowledge transfer. We will utilize established guidelines including teaching techniques to successfully transfer knowledge to the Department.

Staff Management

CNT will effectively utilize its staff based on the skill sets of the staff assigned to the project. In addition, it is imperative that the DHSS identifies staff relevant to the needs of the project. Staffing management includes motivation of the teams working on the different tasks, staff transition and close out of the tasks.

Phase and Project Transition

CNT Infotech will ensure that milestones and transition points are clearly defined and discussed with the DHSS. This is to ensure that transition occurs in a phased manner and is a gradual process. CNT will work with the DHSS to identify the appropriate closing out of the project including on-going maintenance of the infrastructure, continuous improvement strategies and future support.

Relationship Management

CNT will identify the key management staff that will be involved or be affected in anyway by the activities of the project. CNT will constantly communicate with key management staff and team members of the project. We will have weekly status meetings, update work plan, identify issues and provide solutions to resolve issues, and raise flags as required for tasks being affected or being delayed and the reasons thereof. Additionally the expectations of the members of the team will be managed and cooperation facilitated. This activity is ongoing and will need to be managed on a day-to-day basis.

On Time Delivery within Budget

The toolsets and methodologies adopted by us results in assured delivery of all defined deliverables against schedules and earmarked milestones with the highest degree of conformity to our quality standards within the project budget.


We at CNT not only believe in “Getting The Job Done On Time” but “Getting The Job Done Right The First Time”. The methodologies and approach we adopt ensure the on time deliverables. We spare no efforts to ensure the project deliverables through our aggressive approach yet at the same time our adherence to our stringent quality standards. We go through a process of continuous resource tracking and evaluation with the ability to tackle problems/bottlenecks at the inception.thousands of users.

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