Jr. Systems/ Business Analyst

Status: Full-Time
JOB SUMMARY: The Junior Systems Analyst position is a non-supervisory, exempt level position, reporting to the Project Manager. Incumbent is responsible for assisting in scope and manner as detailed herein. The Analyst will assist Senior Staff with the deployment of the system development life cycle, including, but not limited to, definition/design of requirements for solutions to business problems and ensure that the design of computer systems and procedures meet those requirements. The Analyst will review computer system capabilities, network infrastructure, department workflow, and scheduling requirements, as well as, discuss scheduling and system design issues with Senior Staff. This position will work closely with development staff to resolve problems related to programming specifications or requirements. The Analyst will review and assist in the preparation of technical reports and instructional manuals that document program development and assist in rolling out core system changes, as well as, follow and update procedures for starting up and/or shutting down core systems.
WORK PERFORMED:Provide business/ systems analysis for applications, to include, but not limited to, information needs analysis and design specifications.
Assist in the definition, evaluation, and documentation of the capabilities, limitations and needs of users’ current information systems, applications, databases, and programs.
Provide technical analysis of capabilities of current information systems, applications, databases, networks, and programs.
Provide orientation and training for all information systems, applications, databases, networks, and programs capabilities.
Provide first hand support for users on existing and new information systems implementation.
Responsible for testing of programs to ensure they meet the specification.
Assist in the organization, planning, and coordinating of support with users and third party vendors for existing and new information systems.
Track and report project status as required by management.
Performs various administrative tasks to support the activities above.
Other work related duties as assigned by Supervisor.
QUALIFICATIONS:Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited institution.
Must be physically capable of performing all duties associated with position. Position requires good visual acuity, manual dexterity and the ability to stand or sit for long periods of time. 

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